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i'm kate davis jones

All my life I’ve been curious about narrative: narratives we write ourselves, and the narratives we can’t help but identify in the world around us. I studied American history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, interested not in the large-scale shifts of law and order but in the smaller stories of activists and people in the margins. I sniffed around stories of independent motivation, community, and friendship, and how those forces drove people to make massive changes in their own lives and the world around them.

Journalism was a natural extension of my interest in narrative. Where ever I went, I was looking for a story, incessantly interviewing people just to sate my own curiosity: male strippers, professional pinball players, amateur boxers, labor activists, late-nineties software developers, performance artists, whoever would talk to me and answer my nosy questions.

Now, I help my clients bring their own stories to life. I am a certified EMT-B, a boxer, a climber, a surfer, a fixed-gear aficionado, a barista, a line cook, and a dishwasher.

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