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I know writing a book isn't easy.

I also know writing a book is a powerful step forward. A meaningful, engaging book can push your business and creative life to the next level. But how do you get the great idea into your head onto the page? How do you elevate your rough draft to a polished manuscript that shines?

meet your secret weapon

That's where I come in. I'm Kate. I’m a collaborative writer, and I'm sometimes called a ghostwriter. I’ve collaborated on 30 books since 2019.

I work with one-on-one authors at all stages of the writing process. Every book is different, so every collaboration is, too. When you work with me, you're not just hiring a writer. You're starting a partnership.

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What challenges have you endured in your life? You have a story your audience needs to hear, and I want to help you tell it. If you're a business owner, creator, or public-facing figure, a memoir will connect you with an entirely new audience. Your book is more than a marketing tool or a way to build your brand - it's a way to connect with your audience on a deep level.

intellectual property

Sometimes, your book is just step one. I work with artists in all kinds of fields: actors, editors, dancers, visual artists, and more. If you have an idea that you dream of becoming a TV show or feature film, you need to own the intellectual property to pitch it. We can take your project from "idea" to "proof of concept."


Has your manuscript taken on a life of its own? I know that frustration! Sometimes, you reach the end of your draft, and you realize something isn't working. You don't need an editor to just tell you what's wrong. You need a collaborator to revise the draft with you. Together, we'll get your book over the finish line.

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what people are saying

Kate was indispensable. Her skills go far beyond copyediting to truly understanding my content and intended message and then helping me to craft my words, organization, and flow to get the story across. Without her I would have written just another boring academic book no one wanted to read. With her, I have a book full of fun stories, clear examples, and a consistent tone.

Dr. Anne McLaughlin, author of All Too Human: Understanding and Improving our Relationships with Technology

Venturing in the world of novels was intimidating (so many pages!) but I found Kate, and she proved to be a phenomenal resource and strong collaborator. Throughout our novel Kate has consistently delivered well written material (of course) that was not only clear, creative and emotional, but also delightfully unexpected when it needed to be. I look forward to future collaborations with her. Five stars. Highly recommend. Look no further.

Scott Moore, co-writer of The Hangover and Bad Moms

I couldn't recommend Kate more as a writer, collaborator, editor, and partner. Kate made the rewrite/revision process not only easy, but stress-free (dare I say, fun?). She meets you where you are and helps you make your story even better than you could have imagined. Her attention to detail and creative ideas made working on the new draft of my story something I was excited about. I always knew I could trust her and that my work was safe in her hands!

Anna, actress and novelist

Kate is an exceptional editor and colleague: efficient, reliable, and always working to a high quality. Our students and instructors have both benefited from her insightful guidance and quick turnarounds.

Christopher Brown, Director of Education, Scholar Launch

Kate is easily one of my favorite people to work with. She’s a talented writer and always professional. Every story I’ve worked on with her has turned out even better than I envisioned.

Rachel, romance author