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meet your secret weapon

What's stopping you from telling your story?

The time investment? The effort? Have you tried and given up? Is the thought of even starting overwhelming you?

That's where I come in. I'm Kate. I’m a collaborative writer (sometimes called a ghostwriter), and I'm ready to make your dream a reality.

I work with one-on-one authors at all stages of the writing process. When we work together, you're not hiring a writer. You're starting a partnership.

"Venturing in the world of novels was intimidating (so many pages!) but I found Kate, and she proved to be a phenomenal resource and strong collaborator. Throughout our novel Kate has consistently delivered well written material (of course) that was not only clear, creative and emotional, but also delightfully unexpected when it needed to be."

Scott Moore, co-writer of The Hangover and Bad Moms

is my idea ready to be a book?

If you're on this website, the answer is YES!

You don't need to have a single word on the page. If you're ready to commit to the process, your idea is ready, too.

fiction & intellectual property

I collaborate primarily on commercial and genre fiction, for independent authors as well as those seeking traditional publication.

Sometimes, your book is just step one. If you have an idea that you dream of becoming a TV show or feature film, you need to own the intellectual property to pitch it. We can take your project from "idea" to "proof of concept."


A memoir is more than a record of your life. It's a deep dive into the wisdom your unique life experience has given you. I collaborate with authors to identify the narrative thread running through their life.

Interviews are the heart of a memoir collaboration! Over a series of deep and wide-ranging conversations, we'll structure your life story into a captivating narrative that reads like a novel. Then, I'll capture your authentic voice on-page.

prescriptive nonfiction

I work with authors who are experts in their fields. A nonfiction book will be an extension of your brand, rooted in your professional expertise. It's a way to elevate your business, reach new audiences, and share your professional insights.

But it's not just your expertise. To connect with audiences, you have to show a little vulnerability, too. Together, we'll fold your personal experiences and voice into the book.

"Kate was indispensable. Her skills go far beyond copyediting to truly understanding my content and intended message and then helping me to craft my words, organization, and flow to get the story across."

Dr. Anne McLaughlin, author of All Too Human: Understanding and Improving our Relationships with Technology

how does it work?

Writing with a creative partner makes the process easier and a lot more fun. I'm your brainstorming partner, your editor, your cheerleader, and your ghostwriter. You're the expert on your story, and I'm the expert on translating it to the page.

Whether you've got a manuscript that needs surgery, or you're starting from the blank page, fiction, nonfiction, or memoir, our collaborative process will take your book from dream to reality.

  1. We get on a no-obligations introductory call and get to know each other. You learn a little about me, I learn a little about you and your project. If we're a good fit, we sign the contract and get started!
  2. We have a kick-off call. If you have material already written, I review it. We identify the key message (the heart) of your narrative that will guide our process like a lighthouse. Then, we identify the broad narrative strokes of your story, as well as your publication goals.
  3. I guide us in developing a detailed outline for the full book.
  4. I write! I'll use the outline to guide me as well as author interviews to write the book in chapter-by-chapter chunks, checking in as we go. You're never left in the dark!
  5. Once the writing is complete, we do a revision on the full draft. (Usually pretty minor, since we've been likely been revising as we go.)
  6. You take your completed manuscript or proposal into the world!

"Kate made the rewrite/revision process not only easy, but stress-free (dare I say, fun?). Her attention to detail and creative ideas made working on the new draft of my story something I was excited about. I always knew I could trust her and that my work was safe in her hands!"

Anna, actress and novelist


collaborative manuscript writing, aka ghostwriting

Complete commercial fiction manuscripts are $25,000. From the blank page, the full process takes about 4-6 months.

Complete nonfiction (prescriptive or memoir) manuscripts are $40,000, and take around 6-12 months.

Book proposals are $10,000, and the project fee counts as a deposit toward the full manuscript.

story development

If you have a manuscript or idea that isn't quite working, we can develop a brand-new outline together. The new outline will act as a roadmap for you to do your own revision or rewrite, for a project fee of $3500.

book doctoring

Does your project need something between story development and a full draft? Get in touch! Fees vary depending on the scope of work.

"Every story I’ve worked on with Kate has turned out even better than I envisioned."

Rachel, independent romance author

let's make something remarkable

Ready to get started?

Tell me a little more about your project here, or go ahead and shoot me an email at

Questions? Ideas? Want to see my portfolio or resume? Email me!

Take the plunge. Reach out and learn a little more about the process (I don't bite!). Get invigorated. You'll be glad you did!

"Thank you so much for helping me get closer to making my dream come true."

Chase, aspiring fantasy author