Truancy Writing

Truancy Writing is a ghostwriting service.

I'm Kate. I provide bespoke one-on-one coaching, writing, and editing services to make your envisioned manuscript real.

It’s common knowledge that writing is challenging. What is discussed less is that writing is time-consuming. Creating a draft takes time—uninterrupted hours at a desk, and those hours might result in a wordcount is drastically below what you wanted to produce. That kind of time and space is simply not accessible for many people, due to work, family, or general obligations of life.

Working with a ghostwriter to create your manuscript is an opportunity to reclaim your time.

If you have an idea, a world, an outline, part of a manuscript, or anything in between, and are ready for the good part (the full, completed draft in your hands, with your name on it, ready to sell), I will get you there. Whether it’s a short story for your Amazon brand or a 100k fantasy epic, we can work together to make it real.

Working with a ghostwriter can feel a little like getting away with something. I believe we should all play a little hooky, reclaim our free time, and still have a chance to tell our stories to the world.

Make your dream manuscript a reality.
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