Truancy Writing

what is collaborative writing?

Writing is often considered a solo endeavor, but working with a creative partner can make the process easier and more fulfilling. That partnership looks different within every relationship. I'm your brainstorming partner, your editor, your cheerleader, and your ghostwriter. You're the expert on your story, and I'm the expert on translating it to the page.

I want to help make your dream project a reality! I'll work to understand your vision as closely as possible, and capture your authentic voice. I love working collaboratively to build an engaging and satisfying story with a detailed, consistent world and relatable, flawed characters.

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The collaboration I offer you will be completely unique to your project and your needs. Some of the ways I work with authors include:

Reverse outlining: My most popular collab style! If you're stuck in your manuscript, and the story simply isn't clicking, this may be what you need. I'll read your manuscript, then over four collaborative video calls, I'll develop a brand-new outline rooted in your existing material.

Full outlining: If you have an idea, but aren't sure where to begin, we can start from scratch together. Over a series of video calls, we'll talk through your concepts and any materials you have. I'll draft a rough outline, and then we'll review that together, and develop it into a full, polished outline you can use to write your manuscript.

Full manuscript ghostwriting: If you have a full outline (written yourself or with me), I'll write the draft!

Additive editing, or "book doctoring": If your manuscript needs surgery, this is the route to go. I'll review the existing manuscript and together we'll map out a plan of action to elevate it. This service is different for every book, so get in touch to learn more about your particular project!

what i'm great at

Character development! When I'm revising or outlining, I always look at the emotional logic of the story. I move the plot forward through character choices, not just external circumstances.

Plot structure! I have a deep knowledge of story beats and arcs, to ensure your narrative is satisfying to a reader, while still being uniquely yours.

Enriching your imaginary world! I have a past life as a journalist! I know how to ask the question and guide the conversation to help deepen your characters and your world.

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