Truancy Writing

Frequently asked questions.

Will anyone know you ghostwrote my manuscript?
Not unless you tell them. Depending on the scope of the project, we might discuss a nonspecific acknowledgement at the end of the book. The intellectual property is yours, and you can tell everyone you wrote it!

Why do I need an outline? Can you just take the story wherever it should go?
Having a solid outline streamlines the ghosting process. The direction I think it should go might be completely against what you want, and you might not know that until I suggest it! By working together to put together a clear and detailed outline, we can streamline the ghosting process to ensure you don’t need major revisions.

So you offer revisions?
I’ll do one round of minor revisions, included in the cost. Large-scale revisions, like a change of narrative directions, will require more discussion and additional costs.

What is your minimum word count?
8,000 words, generally for Amazon short stories.

Do you write sex scenes?
Yep, as explicit as you want, any combination of genders, from sweet romantic vanilla to wild kinky and anywhere in between.

Do you write your own stuff?
Hell yeah I do! My nonfiction portfolio is available here, my debut novel is out for consideration, and I’m writing my second novel now.

If you have another question but aren't quite ready for a consultation, email me at kate at or send me a message on Instagram. I'd love to hear from you!

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