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the writer rock climbing I'm Kate Davis Jones. All my life I’ve been curious about narrative: narratives we write ourselves, and the narratives we can’t help but identify in the world around us. I studied American history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, interested not in the large-scale shifts of law and order but in the smaller stories of activists and people in the margins. I sniffed around stories of independent motivation, community, and friendship, and how those forces drove people to make massive changes in their own lives and the world around them.

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After college, I worked a brief stint in advertising, before bailing to work as a freelance journalist. Nonfiction was a natural extension of my interest in narrative. Where ever I went, I was looking for a story, incessantly interviewing people just to sate my own curiosity: male strippers, professional pinball players, amateur boxers, labor activists, late-nineties software developers, performance artists, whoever would talk to me and answer my nosy questions. As I was chasing stories, I worked in restaurants and as an EMT.

When I picked up my first fiction ghostwriting job, I thought it’d be a one-off thing. But the more I did it, the more I grew to love it. I have a deep understanding of story arcs and character development from years of writing, and my work as a journalist and client-facing manager has given me the skills to help clients tease out what they want from a story, even if they’re not sure themselves. It’s deeply satisfying and fun!

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